Your 1st step in living your purpose, making an impact and living your beYOUtiful life is to BREAK FREE from holding yourself back!

YES everything you dream of is possible, but it requires you to BE the person you truly are! We gotta let go of all the bullshit and reclaim your INNER beauty & power!  Let's do it together, BEAUTIFY your mind step by step with the BREAK FREE COURSE and let's have some fun doing so! 

Yes, I'm in!

Are you ready for... 

...becoming your most beautiful self and creating more love & joy in the world? 

Letting go of your doubts, fears and insecurities holding you back, so you can step into your POWER, PURPOSE and follow your PASSIONS?

Yes, I'm in!
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Does this sound like you?

You KNOW that it's YOU that's holding yourself back...

You know you get stuck in doubts, perfectionism and allow your inner critic to run the show at times...

You've done the mindset work and even though you might have seen progress...

It constantly feels like a FIGHT you're having with yourself!

Well girl, it's time to go a level deeper and have some some fun with this!

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Module 1

Understand the 2 forces and how you can align yourself with the loving energy to create your beautiful life. We'll create your morning practice step by step and I'll give you access to my "Manifest from a place of appreciation meditation"

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Module 2

This is where you'll learn the tools to let go of your shitty programs that are holding you back and creating doubt, procrastination and perfectionism in the first place! Most people avoid doing this work, but I'll show you how simple, fun and unbelievably freeing this really is!

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Module 3

In our final module I'll teach you the superpower of compassion! You'll have a guided meditation you can use and it won't only help you with getting out of doubt etc but also improve your relationships and income capabilities! 

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Lauren Nixon

Blogger/Make up Artists

I'm feeling amazing! I am so aligned with my goals and manifestations! I just have to think about something and it shows up! I had a successful job interview and I start tomorrow! And my relationship with money must be getting better because I am receiving the exact amount or more than I expected when I ask for it! I'm so happy to be part of this community because I'm seeing amazing results!

Community Support

You will have access to my exclusive BE MORE Facebook group where you can share your stories, insights, progress and ask any questions! Be connected with other like minded people so you can support each other along your path! I'm also personally always keeping an eye on what's happening in the community and even though I can't always answer every question directly I read them all and make sure content plus live Q&As are available to support you with any challenges you come across.  

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Yes, I'm in!
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1:1 VIP Support available

If you're wanting even faster results you can opt for the VIP Support. In addition to the Break Free course we will be jumping on a 1:1 call together where we can dive into your very specific situation and circumstances so I can offer you my specific guidance and support. 

  • The initial session is a 60 minute (video call)
  • Get to know you and your needs 
  • We will create a plan together and I will give you some specific guidance
  • Follow up session for accountability (30 min).
  • It will help you to stick to your plan and I'll offer you additional support and guidance for the future.
  • Cause as soon as we get the first little win, the ball is rolling!

Break Free Course


  • Life-time access

  • Exclusive BE MORE Community membership

  • All 3 Bonuses

  • Loyalty member discounts

Yes, get me access!

1:1 VIP Support


Most Popular

  • Break Free Course & community access

  • All 3 Bonuses

  • 60 minute 1:1 Session with Jen

  • 30 minute accountability follow up

Yes, get me access!

1:1 Inner Beauty & Power


  • 12 week transformation program

  • 10 1:1 Sessions

  • Break Free Course & community access

  • All 3 Bonuses

Find out more

Inner Beauty & Power 

Work with me 1:1 

If you're on a mission to spread your message and are lacking the awareness and inner confidence to fully show up with all your talents and gifts and you're still in search of finding your voice, then the 12 week Inner Beauty and Power transformation is the best option for you. We spend 12 weeks together in 10 sessions plus access to the Break Free course and bonuses. Starts from $2000 and to apply and check availability you can schedule a free call below.

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Book in your free call
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Gabrielle Thil

Relationship Coach/Yoga Teacher

Jen is a beautiful coach. She helped me gain more clarity on my vision and how I want to share my gifts with the world. It has been a real gift to be able to talk to her. She helped me understand where are my blocks and how I can shift them. She is kind and reassuring.

Are you ready to Break free? 30 day money satisfaction guarantee


Anyone can learn how to BEAUTIFY their mind and life! And with my 30 day money satisfaction guarantee you have nothing to loose but everything to gain! 

Yes, I'm ready! Let's do this!
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